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Hi, I'm Ethan



As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I am passionate about defending and protecting all citizens. I was born and raised in the local area, choosing to serve my country at 18. I was stationed in California and deployed overseas twice, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. This taught me invaluable lessons on leading people. In 2014, I returned to Missouri and served in the National Guard for a year and a half after leaving active duty. My devotion to protecting our great nation is no different than what I feel towards my wonderful family - that same drive to uphold our constitutional rights for every American citizen from veteran to police officer.


As a veteran of the Armed Forces, I felt that my place was in the law enforcement community. After I left the military, I went back to construction work, and then later owned and managed two businesses. Both were successful thanks to my fiscal responsibility and attention to my customers' needs.  When I was hired by the Carthage Police Department in April of 2020, I had a specific goal in mind: eradicate illegal drugs while also apprehending people with outstanding warrants. As part of my proactive approach to police work, I actively seek out drug dealers, users and anyone committing crimes against others alongside their drug use. My commitment to justice for all has earned me nominations for officer of the month many times and received awards for officer of the month 6 times. 


Work & Service

Continuing Education

Military Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations & Campaign Ribbons Awarded or Authorized

  • Air Force Achievement Medal 

  • Meritorious Unit Award

  • Air Force Good Conduct Medal

  • National Defense Service Medal

  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

  • Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon

  • Air Force Longevity Service

  • USAF NCO PME Graduation Ribbon

  • Air Force Training Ribbon

Putting My Experience
to Work

Being a veteran of the Armed Forces,  I will always live by the Armed Forces Mission Statement:  Integrity First, Service Before Self, & Excellence In All We Do. 


I felt that my place was in the law enforcement community.  As a community-minded police officer in Carthage, I have dedicated myself to the mission of reducing criminal activity and ensuring county safety. This has meant vigorously pursuing individuals with outstanding warrants and eliminating drugs on the streets. Of course, targeted action against those that sell or use drugs keeps criminals off the streets - often preventing them from preying upon innocent citizens. When elected as Sheriff at the Jasper County Sheriff's Office, I look forward to bringing my commitment to pro-active policing to the area and setting a new standard for crime reduction today and in the future. The security of all residents is paramount and must be fought for through a steady and authoritative approach!

We stand united in our commitment to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from any who seek to undermine it. Our integrity and sense of duty ensure that we serve the community honorably, backing up our words with steadfast dedication and moral courage. We stay true to our oaths, vowing to put Service Before Self and achieve Excellence In All We Do. We reject any policies or laws that seek to encroach upon individual liberties, and work within established Constitutional parameters while still fulfilling the needs of citizens in difficult situations. Integrity First is not an empty slogan - it is an obligation that we take seriously and strive daily to uphold.


My vision for the Jasper County Sheriff's office is to set a new standard and become the top tier law enforcement agency in the area. As of now, Jasper County's deputies are being paid far below the industry standard; they have the LOWEST PAY by $1.47/hr out of all 13 Class 1 counties in Missouri with the 3rd highest population. Moreover, they are receiving significantly less than other local law enforcement agencies, with Newton County—a population of merely 60,000 people—paid $1.57 more an hour than our own sheriffs who patrol an area with over 120,000 residents. Establishing better pay and healthcare coverage will undoubtedly help us to gain and retain experienced personnel that often goes overlooked due to lack of rewardable compensation packages. By ensuring we have adequate pay and benefits aligned with current industry standards, we can keep our county safer and better protected.

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